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  • Kenwood's Ultimate 200mm Receiver DDX920WDABS

    One of Automotive Superstore's most recommended AV receivers, the Kenwood DDX920WDABS packs a tonne of great features into a sleek, slimline head unit.  

    Fronted by an impressive 6.8" HD capacitive touchscreen, you can enjoy vibrant graphics and high-definition videos from a variety of different sources. This model comes in a 200mm design, making it perfect for many Toyota vehicles that have wide-panel dashboards.  

    For smartphone lovers, there's wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (USB), which transforms your Apple or Android device into a co-driver. Navigate with maps, stream music, make and receive calls, and even read and reply to text messages all on your large Kenwood touchscreen. With Siri and Google Assistant, you can even use simple voice commands to access all of your favourite apps hands-free. Kenwood also includes wireless Android mirroring which allows you to display and share your Android phone on the dashboard screen, cable-free.  


    For the best audio experience, there's built-in DAB+ digital radio, high-resolution Bluetooth streaming, a CD/DVD player, and support for all popular audio types including FLAC. Kenwood also combines its world-class hardware with advanced software including a 13-band graphic EQ and Digital Time Alignment.


    The DDX920WDABS also takes connectivity to the next level – there's an HDMI input, dual-USB ports, dual-Bluetooth pairing, three inputs for external cameras, and three 5V RCA pre-outs. Simply connect, and enjoy.


    200mm Wide-body for Toyota

    Kenwood's 200mm-wide design is the perfect fit for many popular Toyota or Toyota-style vehicles, guaranteeing a premium, clean, and professional look. Featuring a customised 200mm frame, it slots perfectly into wide-panel dashboards without the need for any other special fittings.


    Available on Kenwood's DDX920WDABS and DMX820WS models, the 200mm fitment is suitable for many older Toyota models, ensuring you can upgrade to the newest AV receiver technology and never miss out on the latest multimedia and smartphone connectivity.

    Kenwood DDX920WDABS AV Receiver

    $1,299.00 Regular Price
    $1,239.00Sale Price
    Only 7 left in stock
      • Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ Ready
      • Wireless Mirroring for Android
      • High-Resolution Audio Wireless
      • Built-in DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner and Built In Bluetooth
      • HD Rear Camera Input
      • 13 Band EQ & Digital Time Alignment
      • 3 Preouts 5V (Gold Plated)

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