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  • Sony, renowned as one of the pioneers in Car Audio, boasts a rich legacy of excellence encompassing quality, rich features, competitive pricing, and unwavering reliability. The eagerly anticipated Sony XAV-AX8500 stays true to this tradition. Notably, it marks Sony's entry into the realm of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto units, adding excitement to the big-screen battleground.

    Sporting a striking 10.1-Inch display with a crystal-clear 1280 x 720-pixel high resolution, this capacitive touch screen is a marvel. Its innovative swivel and tilt mount, offering 15° movement in any direction, ensures effortless adjustment for the optimal viewing angle in any setup.

    Beyond its multimedia prowess, the Sony XAV-AX8500 shines in audio performance, delivering formidable sound quality. With an internal 4x 50W (22WRMS) MOSFET amplifier, a versatile 14-band graphical EQ, and 3x 5V pre-outs for comprehensive system upgrades, it commands attention. Additionally, it features 3x camera inputs and triggers, coupled with industry-leading wake-up speed.

    Combine all these features with Sony's storied reputation for excellence, backed by a reassuring 3-year manufacturer warranty, and you have a formidable contender in the big-screen sector. The Sony XAV-AX8500 not only boasts an impressive array of features but also embodies the sleek aesthetics that match its performance prowess.

    Sony XAV-AX8500 Wireless Apple CarPlay And Android Auto 10.1″

    SKU: XAVAX8500
    Only 3 left in stock
      • Australian Sony Warranty
      • Purchase Guarantee (T&Cs apply)
      • 10.1" Floating HD Touch Screen
      • 1280x720p Resolution
      • Gapless Anti-glare Display
      • FM/AM Tuner
      • Bluetooth / Rear USB
      • 4 x 55W Max Power Output
      • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
      • 3-Camera Trigger Inputs
      • HDMI Input Support
      • Compact Chassis

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