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The all-new X Premium Sound speakers are among the finest ever crafted by Alpine. Utilising exotic materials such as carbon graphite in the tweeter diaphragm achieving unprecedented resolution and also making it possible to realistically reproduce fine nuances and sound transparency. The adoption of nano-fibres in the woofer diaphragm creates a beautifully rich sound with profound linearity.

The X Premium Sound range enhance automotive speakers to achieve unexplored sound that has never been experienced. The exclusively re-engineered radial ring magnet design has been precisely refined to achieve an ultra-high-resolution response for music purity like never before. X-Premium speakers are built to satisfy the most discerning music lovers and audiophile fans.

The X-710S are the immaculately designed 7×10 component speaker in this impressive line-up.

X-710S X-Premium Sound 7 x 10″ Component Speakers

SKU: X-710S
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