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  • The Thinkware Off-Road Multi-Dash Cam Kit transforms Thinkware F790 Dash Cam models into a five channel dash cam solution for you car. With the rugged external infrared rear camera, this is the perfect solutions for a 4x4 with a canopy. The recorded footage from the additional cameras merge together to provide a single split screen 1080P FHD video file


    Whats Included:

    Thinkware F790 Dash Cam Front

    Thinkware External Infrared Rear Camera

    MULTMOD Multiplexer Module


    Optional Extras:

    Side Camera

    InCabin Rear Camera

    CPL Filter


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    Thinkware Off-Road Multi Dash Cam Kit

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    • Features:

      • Designed to record footage behind the vehicleIdeal for RV owners or commercial drivers who need an externally mounted recording solution
      • Full HD 1080P produces clear crisp high definition recordings126 Degree angle captures a wide field of view
      • Infrared LED built in for vivid night time video recording
      • IP68 Rated weatherproof body
      • Mounts on the exterior at the rear of the vehicle
      • 7M Total cable length


      • Resolution: FHD (1920x1080) 30FPS
      • Image Sensor: 2.12M Pixel CMOS
      • Viewing Angle: Approx. 126 Degree (Diagonal)
      • IR Wavelength: 940nm
      • IP Rating: IP68
      • Cable Length: 7M (Total)
      • Temperature Range:
        • Operating: -10C to 60C
        • Storage: -20C to 70C
      • Dimensions: 35W x 35D x 54H mm (Excluding Bracket)
    • Features: 

      • Compatible with Thinkware F200PRO, F790 and T700 Dash Cam models
      • Enables four additional cameras to be connected to the rear camera input on the dash cam
      • Up to five channels in total can be provided by one system
      • Optional Cameras include Internal Rear, Internal Cabin, External Rear and External Side
      • All Optional Cameras are 1080P FHD
      • Additional cameras merge together to provide a single split screen 1080P FHD video file


      • Compatible With: F200PRO, F790 and T700 Dash Cam Models
      • Resolution: FHD (1920x1080) 30FPS (outputs single video file, supports 1-4 recordings per file)
      • Key: Piano Code Switch (No. of recording channels is set by switch setting):
        • Mode 1: 2CH Left - Right Synthesis
        • Mode 2: 2CH Top - Bottom Synthesis
        • Mode 3: 3CH Synthesis
        • Mode 4: 4CH Synthesis
      • Power:
        • Voltage: DC 12 V - 24V
        • Yellow Cable: Power (Constant - Parking Mode / Accessory - No Parking Mode)
        • Black Cable: Ground
      • AV-IN (for connection to optional cams):
        • Total Inputs: 4 (CAM 1, CAM 2, CAM 3, CAM 4)
        • Connection: 2.5 Stereo-Jack Type
        • Cable Length: 15cm (per connection)
      • AV-OUT (for connection to dash cam)
        • Connection: 2.5 Stereo-Jack Type
      • Temperature Range:
        • Operating: -10C to 60C
        • Storage: -20C to 70C
      • Dimensions: 65W x 65D x 17.5H mm
      • Weight: 40G
      • Note: Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the module. A single FHD video file will be produced with up to 4 recordings within the single file. Optional cameras are not included.

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