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Alpine’s all-new R2-Series speakers have gained significant engineering refinements that substantially improve sonic performance of their predecessors. The result is incredible clarity across the bandwidth, providing clearer and more defined vocals, as well as precisely detailed highs and improved bass response. Beyond their modest aesthetic upgrades, Alpine’s efforts were concentrated on re-engineering the motor and circuit design, crafting a performance speaker system that offers exceptional sound and resolution, well-exceeding their peers. 

The R2-Series speakers and subwoofers have taken a huge leap forward delivering superb sound quality from deep bass to high trebles, while the High Amplitude Multi-Roll HAMR surround allows a maximum, linear cone excursion for high SPL, while maintaining full control over the diaphragm at any excursion stage for high sound clarity.

Painstaking engineering, coupled with decades of expertise in high-end speaker design, Alpine’s all-new R2-Series continues its unrivalled reputation in benchmark performance and sound quality in the affordable price category.

R2-S65C R-Series 6-1/2″ Component 2-Way Speaker

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