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Rock With Confidence with Kenwood KFC-PS5795C, Performance Series

The Kenwood Performance line has proven to be a customer favorite and reliable choice in the battle for great sound. With the KFC-PS5795C 5x7" car speakers in your doors or dash, you're armed and ready for serious knob-cranking when the mood strikes you.

Their Perl-Mica Injecton moulded PP cone woofers make powerful replacements for low-functioning factory speakers, giving your music plenty of punch for the long haul. And the large dome tweeters and super tweeter lift you out of the fray with smooth, natural-sounding highs. Combine all of that with rugged design touches and a solid steel speaker basket, and everyone will know that you don't mess around when it comes to car audio. 

KFC-PS5795C 5 x 7inch 3Way

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$119.20Sale Price
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